Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Fiafia night

For fiafia night I am  in the Samoan group we are performing a cultural dance I really like our dance.  My cultural is Samoan so I am really happy that I am in the Samoan group with my friends and we have great teachers like Mrs va ‘afusuaga,Mrs west and Timmy that are teaching us our dance.

I am in the Samoan group as you already know we have a great dance.  We have being practice for the last I think 5 or 6 weeks now but we all know the dance.  All of the boys stand at the back of the line but there is one part of the dance all of the boys come in the front.  We practice in the street.  

Our dance is about the be loving cultural Samoan our dance is going to be cool.  I can’t wait for our dance tonight.   This is going to be my first time doing fiafia I am a little bit shy but at the same time I can't wait as well.

I was nervous yesterday but I mention to get our dance done but I am doing it again tonight but I am ready for it but I still need to learn one part of our dance but that why we have practice are for and also I can’t wait for tonight when we do our dance.

Fiafia night was cool I had lot of fun watching other groups dancing but when it was our turn to dance with my group I was nervous but I messed up our dance but our group was alright of me messing up our dance but I felt sad when I messed up our dance that was my first time doing fiafia I can't wait for next year's fiafia night   


  1. Awesome Siaosi! I liked how you still got up on stage even though you were nervous. Well done, from Matua Wyllis


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