Friday, 4 November 2016

Rugby:why are the Ab(All Blacks)so successful

You need:rugby ball,two or more people,rugby boots,Mouth guard,wear cloths you know you can run with: 
Passing: Hold the ball,one hand on the bottom and one hand on the top to support the ball. Your hand at the back in the one that is suppose to spin the ball if you are passing to the right your right hand is at the back if you are passing to the left your backhand, is the left hand. Your hand in the front in is suppose to support the ball and make sure it goes straight

Stepping:Is a simple skill you can get this skill in one go if you time it right. Run straight to the person and step off one leg basically pushing off one leg and getting it right. Practise your bed leg first because you can learn it fast with your good leg. Image result for Stepping in rugby gif

Tackling:Tackling is a skill that you need to have if you wanna be a rugby player. Don’t be scared to tackle someone that's bigger than you. Hit them with your shoulder and drive back.Always head up when you are tackling. You don't need to hit every one that you tackle you just gotta make sure you get them right.

This is why the Ab(All Blacks) are so successful because they do the basic right. You too can become an Ab(All Blacks)You just need to listen,get the basic right,have the right attitude and just work hard.


  1. Malo Siaosi. I enjoyed reading your post. It is very important now for players to be good at passing both ways – left to right and right to left. That is one of the reasons the All Blacks are dominating because even their forwards are very skilled at passing and can pass just like the backs. Here’s another piece of advice. Work more on your week side of passing than you do on your good side. For tackling always remember – same leg same shoulder! Keep up the good writing!


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