Friday, 24 June 2016

Our waka

WAATS (we are at the stage): Of ripping the stencil off the waka.

You may not see the wool between the nails but the people who are in Hikianalia and are not in the waka crew finished this stage. We have done a few changes and touches and below this is what it turned out like when our teacher gave us some tips.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Our Waka

me and my group are doing so well that we are almost finished and we are all having lots of fun can't wait for you guys to see our waka

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Walter dickson

                                                     Walter Dickson

Walter Dickson Nominations when i heard my name get called out that i was going to trial i was already scared and nervous.  So i done one thing that most people will do train hard and when i went to trial be focus don’t let anyone or anything distract you.  Also when you get the ball make the most of it and run as hardest you can cause you will be lucky to get the ball four times so when you get that ball run pass if you need to but run as hardest you can.  When the first trial was finish i got called back i was very happy and my parents were very proud of me of making it to the next trial.  

                                                           Second trial

Second trial i thought it was going to feel like the first trial but i guess i was wrong it was way harder and tiring at the same time i missed heaps of tackles and when i got the ball i was just jogging not running as fastest i would normal run and i wasn’t playing as good as how i would normally play.  Third game i was looking forward to it but i got send of the field cause i got con cast but i wanted to stay on the field because i can’t show the coach's what i can do when i am sitting on the sideline i need to be on the field to show them what i can do.  So when the second  trial finish my dad said you're lucky if i make it because i wasn’t playing very well like how i would normally play but later on that night i got the text saying that i made the 28 squad team so my dad said that i was lucky but at least i made the 28 squad all i need to do is not get cut so in training just make sure your focus and do what the coaches say and listen.