Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The questions and answers.

A piece of paradise

This one was my fav txt it was very funny and interesting

The whale Child

Okay so this one was really hard because their was more to read in the book, questions was really testing my limits but hope I did great. thumps up for this one

A serious game

For week 7&8: WALT: Identify the similarities and differences  across different texts. This is was new to me so it was really challenging especially because it was a different language and it is always hard learning new language

Friday, 17 March 2017

Another hot day in the sun but special Polyfest

Off to Poly fest, and man was it hot we were sitting in the sun for hours and hours and I felt like an ice melting right away.  I couldn’t wait to go and visit other stores and stations, the first station that me and my group went to was a group of people that liked to help and show people what their culture means, and also showing us what we can study for in University.

The firemen's were really helpful with what they were showing us. What they were showing us was how to put a fire away if it started with oil and it is in the kitchen, So first they said put a wet towel over the pot and if that doesn’t work put the pot's lid back on but you never mix water and oil together because it has a reaction and that reaction just may end your life.  If you are too close to the pot then it is a possibility if you to get burnt.  

Police man, Okay so we think that been a Police is easy right but how about doing fitness, staying healthy and always been ahead of schedule.  Doing all that ain’t that easy but it’s all worth it when you see your community safe and your family safe, been a good Police takes a lot of work but you will get there if you have the attitude and the motivation to do it.

Last of all was hanging out with my group, My group and I really had fun we walked around playing all kinds of games and winning all kinds of prizes, but my favourite part was sitting down and having a rest in the shade because it was hot and we were just melting right away but it was all good walking and watching other cultures performing.

Poly fest was really really fun watching different groups, but I think what matters is why is Poly fest so special? Well it’s because you learn more about your culture and other peoples culture Poly fest is a special event so come along on Saturday and support those who are performing

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Fractions, decimals and percentages

Week 7 and the year is floating by and it was great to get challenged by my math work. Kinda new, and similar to me some of these problems really put me to the test and I was happy that it really got to me. After all that it was a good hard work.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Visual Mihi

This is my Mihi. On your top left is a cross that shows even though I don't go to church I still believe in god, on your top right is a Samoan flag and it means the world to me and I am proud to be Samoan. On your bottom left is a picture of sports because sports is my life and finally on your bottom right is my last name because I am proud to have that last name Lealiifano. That wraps it all up for now.

Friday, 10 March 2017

R.I.P(Rest in paradise)Nana

To my grandma. Grand parents are very special, to all of us but to me they mean everything. We have 2 grandma's and 2 grandpa's. I only spent so much time with my dad's mum Because she loved to travel she would travel every where, so I wouldn't really spent so much time with her I only spent one week with her and it didn't even feel like one week. My mum's parents well them they are full with energy they are also the ones who raised me too it must of been hard work. My dad's parents I was so fortune to at least spent one week for them because they would hardly ever stay at one place they would just travel from here to there.

My grandma who is now in god's hands was the queen at everything she did. She was the best at cooking it was funny because my dad and his siblings tried to get her secret recipe, she finally gave my dad the recipes you's should of seen my my dad's face he was very greatful.  My beautiful nana called me over to the sitting room, for a second I thought I was going to get in trouble but she just wanted to know how school and sports was for me.  My nana said to me that school for her wasn't easy, I told her that I know how she feels. My nana looked at me with anger and she said " Siaosi when you play sports and games gets hard, the other team is cheating and you are angry do you give up"? I said to her no never "well you do the same with school".

R.I.P(Rest .In .Paradise) it was time my family and I travelled down to Wellington to get ready for the funeral, it was really nice meeting new families down Wellington. My chore was baby sitting with my two cousins trust me it's never easy baby sitting a Lealiifano and a Puleaga Child. They are all naughty like their dad's.  As the week went past it was time to carry nana to the church, The youngest child out of my dad had a idea for all the grand kids to carry my nana into the church. I was really happy that I got to carried my nana into the church and got to say a prayer for her. It was like this wise man said to me "everything beautiful and carrying comes and goes but always remember them thought out the hard times" I really do miss my nana but at least she is not is pain anymore.

water wise