Monday, 12 December 2016

Prize giving night

On Thursday night we had prizegiving. Many kids got awards, to acknowledge their hard work in class and outside of class. We started of with year 5s and there item was great everyone was committed to their dance. Kids got award for learning, sports and also for those who come school everyday.

Year 6s was next there one was just like year 5s but with more awards and with a better item. Faioso, Javan and Samoa looked like the main ones for sports and learning awards. Faioso and Javan got sportsman and sportswoman of the year, they deserved it.

Year 7s item was next my heart was pumping faster as it would normally would. Everyone was screaming and yelling out loud more and more people went on the stage to get a awards, I was wondering if I was going to get called up. “Now we move on to Reps awards Temauri, Alfa and Siaosi” as I walked on the stage while everyone was yelling I got scared. I walked up on stage proud to be next to the two boys I played with this year and the two boys I fought against in trials for two rep team but Temauri, Alfa and I made it in, it was the proudest moment of my life achieving  something together with these two boys.

Year 8s item was next year 8s and 7s was crying then. As the year 8s walked up emotions were taking the better of them and not to mention some of the year 7s. Most people tried to hold it in but you can’t hold it in for someone really special and maybe you have known them ever since year 1 is leaving you. Back to awards so for dux Lucy came third and Stevenson and Jordan the two boys in room 3 tied for 1st place on dux it was no shock there because those two boys really do show how smart they are in class. We packed up and prize giving was finished proud of everyone that got an award and everyone who didn’t even though they didn’t get award but at least they still work hard in class. Just for the year 7s we should be stepping up already as leaders and year 8s good luck on your college and god bless yous.

mentos and coke

SIAOSI from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo. first time I did this I hope you guys love it. Leave a comment