Monday, 30 May 2016

Alma and watch the movie to understand more

In class we watched the movie called Alma so sit back and relax and enjoy my story.  She was walking down the alley way and then she wrote her name on the wall after that she heard a sound so she looked at the store next to her and saw a doll that looks exactly like her  and she wanted the doll so  she went inside the store and started looking for the doll that looks like her.  When she saw the doll she went to get it but she had  climb up because she was too short but when she touched the doll and she got stuck in the doll so that means all of the name’s that are on the wall are all the kids that got stucked inside the doll’s.  They showed us the next girl that was going to get stucked inside the doll.  

If you wanna watch the movie here
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  1. Hi Siaosi,
    Great work on re-writing the Alma video. Maybe next time you could be more detailed in your writing.

    From Khaia.


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