Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Usain Bolt

“Hi my name is Usain Bolt”.I was born  on  August 21, 1986 and i am 30 years old. I have a dream and my dream is to become the fastest man. My goal is to compete in the Rio Olympics.  

Training is not fun, I don't get the point of it, I never feel like it.  I would always go and pretend to train because I don’t know what’s the point of training and why do we train. Most times I would always be slack in training until this trainer told me straight, he said “why do you always come to my gym but u do nothing?” I answered “because i have no drills to do because my trainer gave up on me”.  Usain went looking for a new trainer and this man’s name is Glen Mills.  

He told Usain, “I would love to train you but you gotta put in the hard work.” I answered “yeah sure i’ll put in the hard yards”. (Next day)someone woke me up i looked and it was Glen Mills in my house at 6:00am he yelled “wake up son we gotta go train”  Usain was so tired but he had to go do the  hard yards every single day he would go every day except Sundays that his day off.   

When he went to go training more and more he started to love it so his training and his trainer Glen Mills thought that Usain Bolt can handle the olympics so he made Usain compete.  Usain was so happy of what he achieved and he wanted to go farther than that he wanted a medal not any medal gold medal.  

He got to go to Rio Olympics and his first event was 100m in 2008.   First time he got on the tracks he was nervous but proud of himself he went to set up the the race starter came to start the race “on your marks,get set GO!!”

Usain was the last one to take off but comes to do the 50m he starts catching up,40m everyone starts to slow down but Usain is going all in,the moment that we have all being waiting for last 10m Usain goes all out and he finishes of first.  His country,family,coach and himself was super proud of him coming along way and training for four years and it  pay off.
This writing is not true its a narrative writing  

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