Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Holiday well spent

Last week of holidays, and what’s a better way to finish it then writing it down. Last week was something special me and my family decided to go on a movie night, we watched The boss baby. It was funny because I told my mom that the movie starts at 1:45 but really it started at 12:00 so we went in late. I don’t know how but I didn’t see the 12:00, and during the movies my aunty fell asleep and me and my cousins was just smashing our faces with the food we bought.

After the movies we went for a little walk and looked around, when we finally got bored we decided to go home and have a rest it was fun well it lasted but the main thing for me was spending time with my cousins.

The last week of the holidays was just full of spending time with family, like the first day of the school holiday I finally got to see my sister she came over to spend the holidays with us before she went back to Australia. First we went to Carl’s Jr ate there then we came home but me, my brother and my sister went to the basketball court and played there for a while me and my sister carved up my older brother. My sister and I was finally able to bond because she  normally is always away and now she lives in Australia just makes it even harder but I guess that’s part of growing up. It’s always fun spending time with your only sibling that’s around your age.

I always cherish my memories that I have with my older brothers and sisters because they grew up too fast and I didn’t really get time to spend with them, my older brothers are gone their ways I only have one older brother here with me. I guess it’s fine at least they keep coming and taking us everywhere, my sisters are all playing sports I love that my older siblings never forget their roots.

I just can't wait to get back to school and learn more and improve more, I definitely can't wait to get back in to that leader ship roll as your prefect. See yous next week and lets get ready to learn.

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