Friday, 22 September 2017

The best Maniakalni Film Festival movie

This week has being a tough week. People being away and scrips getting changed last minutes but my experience about filming has being great. Our class has  3 different movies but those three different movies are being put together, What are the movies? Well you'll have to wait and see. My group was Thaisoni, Heather, Tevita N, Samoa, Ana L, Hosea, Angelo, Izaac and I. Being in their group was really fun I was playing the part of the "cool guy" I had a lot of fun playing the too cool guy for everything.

The three different movies are awesome I'm really glad that Mrs Tele'a decided that our class would all be in the film. Some class only one or 4 people will be in the film. This year our whole class is able to be in the film and I think that my class is really happy that everyone has a part in the film even if it's just walking past the camera. 

Some challenges for me was time managing because I was down at aims so I didn't have a part in the movie so I had to wait and see if I might be in the movie. Mrs Tele'a is so great that she saved a part for me in the movie so all I had to do was learn my lines and act my part well.  I am grateful that Mrs Tele'a saved a part for me in the movie because it's my last year and I wanted to be in the film for my last year at P.E.S. 

Some movie ideas for next year is Cyber smart, Don't be a bully and A day in Pt England School. These are just some ideas for next year. I think that a day in Pt England School would be really fun. It would be easy and fast to do if you're teacher is under pressure. Next year I would love to come back and watch some new movies that Pt England students. 

This year my class room probably has the best movie not going to lie. I guess we'll have to wait and see at the Manaiakalani Film Festival.  This is a link to all Manaiakalni Film Festival it has all the schools that make movies just like our school, 
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