Friday, 20 October 2017


This week is Niuean language week. My school is very cultural, Our students participate in all their cultural groups Samoan,Tongan,Niuean,Cook Island, Maori and many more. Students go and performed using their culture and some would go to learn new dance skills and to experience something new.

Image result for NiueanThis morning the Niuean group performed in celebration for the Niuean language week. They've been practising for the whole week and couldn't wait to get on that stage and show everyone what they've been working on. First Mrs Lagitupu gave a introduction to everyone. First the girls had their items then the boys had to do their haka. Niuean language week was a success.

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  1. Fakalofa Lahi Atu Siaosi
    I was reading through you're two blurbs about niuean language week. I found what you wrote very interesting.I saw your writing and it grabbed my attention so I decided to read it. It was amazing and I hope to see more soon.When the niuean group went up and did there performance did you enjoy it?


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