Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Reflect on 2016

2016 whatta crazy year, let’s go back when I first started school in year 7. I was in room 3 for my home class and all other learning classes.   I was lucky enough that I knew one person from Pt England and his name was Alfa Kepu Saafi. He was the one that introduced me to the boys, first game we played was touch.  It was a good friendly game.  As the year went past I made new friends boys and girls also teachers.

I have enjoyed been part of team 5 we have great memories and some not so good. Sports - first sport of the year was tag I was nervous but when you have great friends nothing is possible. This year I have been in tag,touch,rugby,soccer,softball,cricket,Ki o rahi, athletics and netball. It was a great experience playing sports with the boys it means alot to me knowing that the boys supported me too.

I am proud of all the things we have achieved this year.  Ki o rahi was a great game.  The first time I played it  and my team and I took it out. I was shocked,  when we won the team that we played in the final did us a haka!  This shows great sportsmanship, even if you lose or win still show respect.   This got me wondering if we should have a haka for school - for next year.

I will never forget those who help me throughout  the hard and easy times because without you amazing people I would've never got this far.   I would just like to say a big thank you. I will cherish my time I had with my friends,  for always being there for me when I needed you guys the most - thank you!   


  1. Kia ora Siaosi,

    What a beautifully written reflection on the past year. It sounds like you had a great time at Pt England school and made a number of special friends. It also sounds like you had a number of cool experiences. I am sure that having another team celebrate your success at Ki o rahi with a haka must have been a real highlight of your year!

    As you head into this year (2017), I would love to invite you to consider joining our Summer Learning Journey blogging programme. It's a lot of fun and it will help you get ready for Year 8. You'll have the chance to practice your reading and writing skills and you'll also earn points for your blogs that will put you in a position to earn some cool prizes.

    To participate in the Summer Learning Journey blogging programme, simply hop onto the Summer Learning Journey site (, click on the 'Weekly Activities' tab and choose from one of the 60 activities. Post an answer to the activity on your blog and we will read it and reply.

    Lots of students from Pt England have already joined the journey this year and we'd love to include you in it, as well.

    I'll come back tomorrow to check your blog and see if you've decided to log and blog with us. I hope that you will!


  2. Kia ora Siaosi,

    I'm Mark, a teacher working with Rachel on the Summer Learning Journey. I thought I commented on something of yours a while ago but I can't find it anymore. Weird.

    Anyways, like Rachel, I just want to remind you that the programme is still there for you to join in on anytime. It is pretty interesting and a great way to keep your mind in shape for when school starts. These holidays it's all about travel and learning about other cultures. I'm sure you will be really good at it since you write so well, and you seem like you respect other cultures (especially their sports) haha!

    I hope to see you online soon, giving it your best and enjoying every second.

    Kia kaha!



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