Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Story of myself

Talofa lava my name is Siaosi, I am in room 3 with my beautiful teacher Mrs Tele’a. 2017 wow! Hasn’t the year gone fast, it was really sad to see the year 8’s leave but 2017 is our year and no one will stop us. 2016 in sports we have lost many sports, what was worst was most of them we would lose in the finals that didn’t isn’t going to stop us not even for 2017. 2017 is our year so that means every sports we are going to commit to training so we know what to do on the field, it means in learning we are going to pay attention to the teacher and learn as much as possible.

2016 started school in the first day of term 1 one of my main sports that I enjoyed was rugby union, 7’s, Tag, touch and Ki o rahi.  We won Ki o rahi, we lost 7’s at Auckland champs in the finals, we lost rugby union, we lost tag at Auckland champs in our semi and we lost touch in the finals. That’s just my main sports and how gutted we were last year.

2017 is our year we may not be able to win every sports but let’s give it all we got! . This year I am a year 8 student and I want to lead my school\team and strive to succeed. Remember the same effort you give in sports you do the same with our learning.  

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  1. Malo le fa'asoa Siaosi! Well done! I enjoyed reading this post and can see how you are ready to be a good role model for the children of PES. I especially like what you have written in your closing sentence about putting the same effort into sport and inside the classroom. Let's work together to get this to happen. All the best for year ahead Siaosi.


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