Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Dangerous teacher 2

“Boom! Somebody call 911”. A handsome boy name Alfa Kepu Saafi tried to do an investigation about fire, something went horribly wrong about his experiment. Alfa wasn’t following the instruction he was too busy trying to look cool. He wanted to find out about fire. His method was to light the lighter, holding it upside down and then counting how long it would take for flame to die.

Alfa was waiting for while now. So he lost his patience went over to check and it burnt his eyebrows,eyelashes and his hair off he had a boko face and hair and sadly the prom was tomorrow. He didn’t want to go but he had to since he was leaving. Alfa went to the prom looking proud his date to the prom was Simon. These two didn’t have dates so they had to go together

Alfa’s friends had his back at the prom.(a few months later) his eyebrows and eyelashes grew up he was very happy he learned if you ever want to do a science experiment remember safety first.      

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