Monday, 28 November 2016

Dangerous teacher

It was an ordinary day, “stomp stomp stomp” as the grumpy Mrs Tele’a walks in the classroom. Students were scared “stop look and listen” as Mrs Tele’a requested to her classroom Mrs Tele’a told her classroom “we are going outside to do some science experiment”. Students were scared. We are going to do the bottle bomb. “We going to die!” everyone shouting.

“Everyone stepped back”, Mrs Tele’a asked for a volunteer but no one put there hand up. Suddenly Alfa the brave put his hand up he went up to the from he had one job put the ice in and run as far as possible but he didn’t. He was too busy thinking about what would happen that he forgot to run away, “Alfa run!” as everyone shouted Siaosi ran in as fastest he can got the bottle and threw it up in the air and it was raining ice, everyone celebrating the science class is over.

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