Thursday, 10 November 2016

Practise test

settings:Village called AcanonImage result for pink floyd tree of half life
Who’s in it:A boy name Sefo, king Bradley and the village
The village Acanon you were not allowed to help.

Once a upon time, there was a village called Acanon. You were never allowed to help people there, if you help other people you would get thrown in the dungeon!.  No one knew if you get thrown in the dungeon you also get killed. One day a boy name Sefo came to the village the king told him all the rules.  Sefo asked that king “Why you weren’t allowed to help”  “ It’s none of your business”.

Next day Sefo went for a walk and check out the village but that’s when the king was suspicious about him,so he sent his guards to spy on him. Sefo walked and walked suddenly he heard a sound from this house so he went to help and he did.  He also  did not t know the guards were spying on him. The guards quickly rushed back to the king to tell him.

The king sent his guards back to the village to look for him and they got him they threw him into the dungeon. The king and the guards did not know was that the girl that Sefo helped was also doing what Sefo did so the helping spread through the village.

When they found out that Sefo was in the dungeon the whole village went to get him out. Fighting with all their lives and heart to break out who they believe should be the new king Sefo so they fighted out the guards lucky the king did not have that many guards. The village fighted to the end where they would find Sefo they saved him, Sefo  became the new king of the village and new rules were set so everyone was happy and Sefo and his beautiful wife got married. They ran the village proudly and respectfully.       


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